Downtown Farmers Market

Consumers are constantly demanding fresh farm products and the farmers market is the answer for most consumers.



Farmers can bring their fresh products directly to the consumer and allows both the farmer and the consumer to save money. Customers can ask the farmer all aout the product. Many markets allow low income families to use their special credit cards for their purchase.


Farmer's markets is a growing trend in many locations throughout the United States.
Many larger markets have more than 100 vendors. It's usually a good idea to bring a cooler to put your items in. Also it's a good idea to shop early to get the best selection, however, some vendors don't arrive all that early. Some markets allow animals such as dogs, but check ahead of time if you plan to bring your dog. If dogs are allowed, they usually must be on a leash. Most vendors have plastic bags, but you may want to bring a larger cloth bag.

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